SPOD Design Derby

Get out your pens and spatulas and get creative! The SPOD DesignDerby: Crazy Cookout has begun. Send your best food-themed designs to SPOD by December 4 for a chance to win great prizes. More information on the website spod.ethz.ch and on posters all over ETH.

What is there to win?

For the best 3 entries we have great gifts waiting for you

  1. For the first place: price worth 80 CHF and a goodie bag
  2. For the second place: price worth 50 CHF and a goodie bag
  3. For the third place: price worth 20 CHF and a goodie bag

General Information

As already mentioned, the theme is food and you are relatively free to decide what exactly you want to do. If you bake a cake with a logo on it, if you take foodblogger-like pictures of your best meal or if you paint a nice painting with food on it is up to you. As long as it has something to do with food it will be accepted 🙂

The jury, consisting of the best design experts of SPOD, will then judge your submissions according to the following criteria: Creativity, Skill and Effort

The contest starts on October 31 and ends on December 4. Note: You can only submit one entry,


You can submit your entry here via this Google Form. Note that you will have to upload the picture of your masterpiece on imgur and post the link then on the form: